Awesome God

Ubong Clifford

Added on : Nov 12, 2017

Awesome God – Ubong Clifford
Nov 12, 2017 I-solo
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Few months ago, I said my prayers
To the one who gives me breath,
Miles down the Road
The devil struck
I was involved
In a ghastly accident,
All I thought of, was my lonely mom
All of the stress, she has been through for me
I saw no room for, survival
But by his grace, am made whole again
Lord how can I forget this love
Its because of this love, you left your throne
Lord for my sake you became poor
You shed your blood on calvary

Call: That’s why I bless your name O God…
Pre chorus:
For you are the lord, the all sovereign God
The one who was and is to come
The heavens and the earth
The all belong to you
Lord you reign in majesty

You are awesome God
Ever presents in trouble
How I love you, I will worship at your feet
Repeat 4x

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Repeat 3x


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