• Aug022016

    1 Million Page Views

    by Oluwarufus

    Hi, I’m Rufus, founder of this great website. According to WordPress’ stat plugin – JetPack, reached the milestone of…

  • Nov282015

    Musical Concept

    by Gbade Adetisola

    Lagos! The first time I had an encounter with a Lagos musician I almost couldn’t play a chord, all of…

  • Nov122015

    Music and Sexual Innuendos

    by Gbade Adetisola

    People learn fast what they see and hear at the same time. Pictures, sound and videos are very powerful when…

  • Nov062015

    80s/90s: The Good Old Music Days

    by Gbade Adetisola

    The first time I was in a studio was 1993, I had no idea about recording or producing, but there…

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