Change My Class


Added on : Jun 24, 2018

Change My Class – Etysongz
Jun 24, 2018 Oluwarufus
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La la la la la la la) 4×

Me nor go let you go
If you nor bless me
If you nor come change mi class
For a very very longtime na me my enemies say make me nor relax
When man Dy work like elephant them say make he Dy chop grass
Me nor understand
The reason why them one put me for ground
No no no no
Them say make me nor

First solo
Call-When I was sick you healed me
When I was lost you found me
When I was down you raise me

Resp: you raise me up

But you need come change mi class
Save me by your name
Vindicate me by your might
Make you hear my prayers lord
You are my all in all
Strangers are attacking me oh
Ruthless men Dy rofoundle me oh
Make you hear my prayers lord
You are my all in all
Make me for relax)2×

Oluwa bless me I don suffer, forgive me
I’m not an unbeliever
Bless me make people Dy wonder, make people self Dy shout in yonder
Forgive me my father
Be my shelter for bad whether, enemies go gather but me I know them go scatter
This our love them nor fit put asunder
If you nor bless me I nor go let you go
I don suffer for rain even for the snow, bless me make enemies just Dy know say you God,,,you are very Dope

Back to chorus

Solo 2
Bless bless me I don suffer
Forgive forgive me
Me I one hammer
Hear my prayers lord
This na my prayers
Me I don pray and fast for this matter
(Make me for relax)2×

Back to chorus

Na the things when I get I Dy talk
No limitations always wanna work
Every man wanna be on top

First class that is my word.


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