Chidiebele (God is merciful)

Evans Ogboi, Purist Ogboi

Added on : Jun 4, 2018

Chidiebele (God is merciful) – Purist Ogboi Ft. Evans Ogboi
Jun 4, 2018 I-solo
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Verse 1
If you hear my story
How he turned my life around
A laughing stock but he had
The perfect plan to light up my world
Exceedingly abundantly above
He has done for me
His turned my mourning to dancing
Put a song of praise in my mouth

Chorus 1
Omekwalam Ozor
Ewo o o o
Omekwalam Ozor
(He has taken away my sorrow)
Omekwalam Ozor
(He has taken way my pain)
Omekwalam Ozor

Omekwalam Ozor (Call/res) 4x

Verse 2
Even when I don’t deserve it
I see your hands at work
Your tender mercies towards me
Made a way, where there was no way
What he says he will do, that’s what he’ll do
His not a man that he should lie, so
Don’t give up, don’t give in
Hold on…. You will testify

Eya aha eh 2x
Eya aha eh eh eh
Olu aka gi dinma


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