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Added on : Aug 5, 2018

Chioma – Esther Anthony
Aug 5, 2018 I_solo
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Solo. 1.
The creator of heaven and the earth,
you stretched out the heaven like a canopy,
the foundation of the earth are in your hands,
you are clothed with light as a garment,
you tread on the waves of the sea,
the mountains screams, at your presence,
the law of nature are broken,
at your presence, they tremble,
they tremble at the presence of my Jesus,
Every situation, every problems, tremble at the presence of my king

Chioma meh(3*) you are great
Chioma meh(3*) you did the impossible

Solo. 2
Seasons change but you’ll never change,
a mother may forget her suckling but you’ll never forget me o o o,
you supply my every need, the helper of my destiny
Jesus eh, you place me where all eyes can see me,
you made tables in my wilderness
mighty God you are CHIOMA

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