Come and See


Added on : Nov 25, 2016

Come and See – Sophy-yah
Nov 25, 2016 Oluwarufus
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Come and look at what the Lord has done
He wiped my tears away
Come and look at His mighty works
There’s nothing He can not do

Come make we thank am
For shining His light in our path (Resp)
Come make we thank am
For the opened and the closed doors(Resp)
Come make we thank am
He will never ever forget you, He’s forever the same
His words makes all alive And He will never ever Change
Oh oh oh He will never ever change
Oh oh oh , He will never ever fail

Come and see His faithfulness
The Lord has done it again
Come and see outrageous Love
That Jesus has for me

He makes things beautiful in His time 2x
The Lord of harvest is right here to meet your needs (Repeat)

Repeat Chorus

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