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Added on : Oct 9, 2018

Echeta – Wisdom Zeal
Oct 9, 2018 I_solo
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The Source of my strength
The Strength of my life
My Source of confidence
Father, that is Who You are to me
Thank You Jesus

Echeta obi es’ike
(My Source of Confidence)
Mma mma eh
(Thank You)
Echeta obi es’ike
Mma mma eh
Madu n’agha gha
(Man fails)
Madu n’agharipu
(Man fails/fades away)
Ibu Chukwu, Ibu ghi mmadu
(You are God, You’re not mortal).

Verse 1:
Father You proclaim the end from the beginning
When I call Your number, You no dey busy my call oh
The thoughts You have for me, they are thoughts of good oh
In You I live and move and I have my being

Verse 2:
Lord You call me by name and gave me an agenda, even before my mama knew my gender.
For the Price You paid on the Cross
Now I have full assurance
Just because You laid down Your life for me
For Christ in me is the hope of Glory
I am the righteousness of God
He’s my Anchor
My Source of Confidence

Ending adlibs:
Ibu ghi mmadu
(You’re not mortal)
Mmalite n’ogwugwu eh
(The Beginning and the End)
Ibughi mmadu
(You’re not mortal)
Okoro’bia di mma eh
(The Beautiful Young Man)
Ibughi mmadu
(You’re not mortal)
Odogwu Akataka One
(The Valiant Warrior)
Osu’ofia Osumkpo
(The One Who clears the forest without raising a dust, we Hail You)
(Our hiding place)


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