Everlasting Arms

Tosin Koyi

Added on : May 15, 2018

Everlasting Arms – Tosin Koyi
May 15, 2018 I-solo
In Lyrics

I’ve made a choice, to follow you
for the rest of my life
I’ve made a move, to walk with
You with faith in my heart
Trusting You, is the only reason
I’ve made it this far
And I’m still standing

Hold me still
When I am surrounded by waves
and tempest storms
Oh, You count me dear
Not to let my feet be moved out
of place
My soul is safe

In Your everlasting arms
Everlasting Arms
(JESUS! In your everlasting arms)

You rock me steady steady
When my heart is heavy
I call you Daddy Daddy
Your love is all that I need.


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