Sir Danny

Added on : Nov 28, 2017

Eze – Sir Danny
Nov 28, 2017 I-solo
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Verse 1: (Sir Danny)
Surely as the Lord lives, I will stand and testify what he has done
He has given me new life, gave me a song
That can express how I feel, many have come and gone
But I am still living Lord not by my might
When the world is saying there’s a casting down
You have always thought me to say there’s a lifting up
For the Lord is my portion, in the land of the living
If I want to say all I know, Chi ge ji, Chi ga bor oooo

Chioma mooo,
Imerem Iheoma moooo

Verse 2: (Jerry Swamsidi)
Yeh, Am a living testimony
Your love is deeper than the ocean
You are my friend and brother when all of my family forsake me
You are my solid rock
You are the rock on which I stand
My strong tower,
Your love e the sweet my belle, na you be my melody…
Odogu odogu the God that answers by fire
You are good to me, you answer me, every time I call…..

Sir Danny: But sometimes it seems like he’s no there
Jerry Swam: He no the sleep ooo he the hear me every time I call
Sir Danny: And sometimes it seems like your dreams will not be achieved
Jerry Swam: But with God you can
Sir Danny: Achieve…… (Modulate)

Chioma moo,
Imerem Iheoma moooo


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