God Pikin

Amarachi Obinna

Added on : Feb 17, 2018

God Pikin – Amarachi Obinna
Feb 17, 2018 I-solo
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Hey Hey Hey
Amarachi Obinna EHE E

God Pikin( God’s child)
Na God Pikin we be (We are God’s Children)

Verse 1
I be God Pikin (I amd God’s Child)
I’m redeemed a king
The apple of him eyes
For night (In the night)
He no dey close him eyes (He doesn’t close his eyes)
For me he came to die
Onye Chi ne melu( The one whom God honors)
Ele le be ejeghi Olu (The God of undescribeable beauty)
Abum onye Chi na emelu (I am the one God does things for)
Abum onye Chi na emelu (I am the one God does things for)
I be God pikin (I am God’s Child)
God pikin, God Pikin
Onye chi na emelu(The one God does things for)

By the Grace of God
I am what i am
He made me who I am,
So my brother, just trust in him
My Sister, (Oohh)
never leave him,
The more you try you will testify

Chorus 3x

I Be God pikin (I am God’s child)
All glory to him
Forever, all glory to him

Verse 2
Before Before
Before him drop him blood
I was lost
Now nko (What about now)
Am a chosen generation
Am a royal priesthood
Am a Holy nation
No more tribulation
Only celebration, jubilation
In every nation
Imere mmehe fecha fecha (Did away with sin)
Were aku na uba nyecha nyacha( Distributed wealth)
Were ngozi nyecha nyecha (Distributed blessings)
I be God pIkin o )I am God’s Child)

Chorus (4x)

Chosen Generation
Chosen Generation

For them that he did foreknow
Them he also predestinate
For them he did predestinate, them he also called
For them that he called, them he also justified
For them that he justified, them he also glorified
Ee hee ee
The devil no fit do anything (The devil cant do anything)
The fact say you be God pikin (The fact that you are a child of God)
You have a glorious destiny
Ee eeheee

God Pikin o ehee e

Chorus (Till Fade)


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