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Added on : Dec 30, 2017

Grace – Clifford ft. I-Bizzle
Dec 30, 2017 I-solo
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Thank You for Your grace
Marvelous grace over me
I have seen all of Your mercies and love in my life
Even when I didn’t deserve any oh
Oh Lord You have never failed To pour Your love over me

Grace… God’s riches at Christ’s expense
the whole essence of our christian life
the more blessings we get that we don’t deserve… check it
If we start to count on who’s account do we get from
irrespective of where we from
He makes rain fall on the just and unjust
His love is so robust, can’t get enough…
For Him I bust… Rhymes of thanksgiving
so many men are living lives based on lies…
Some switch to crime they say the rich don’t cry
but 24/7 they protect themselves scared to die
it’s been a while I asked why…
The rich die young and the bad survive
Can’t explain the world, call it the mystery of life
Emotions run deep, you can feel it inside
Drowning in the ocean of love, swept by the tide

My Lord Jesus got me, thought He forgot me
’cause sometimes when I fall it’s difficult to stand tall
blow tantrums that I’m God’s son it’s a sad thing
Denying Him is a mad thing
how did Peter do that thing
But that’s when grace calls to cover up your flaws
Mercy says no, by the power of the blood
Drinking, getting high in the spoken word of the Lord
My old self’s been put to the sword
Old things have passed away
can’t pass a day, without getting a good dose of God’s grace
So real, can’t be faked
irrespective of your level of faith
I’m talking Christian kinda faith
So many Christians can relate
and if you can’t relate
Don’t get it twisted no debate no debate

Where would I be without Your grace
Oh wonderful grace
Thank You for Your warm embrace
Amazing grace, so sweet


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