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Grateful – Kida
May 28, 2018 I-solo
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He is always on my side
I don’t know what’s on your mind
But am grateful
There’s nothing he won’t do
Yes he is always there for you
Are you grateful?
This is the way am gonna dance
This is the way am gonna shout
This is the way I will praise you my God oh
The blessings and favour follow
From now till tomorrow
No matter the case no matter the whether

I will always say am
Resp: Grateful
Change my levels
For your love and mercy
Everyday every time, I’am

Verse 1
When I wake up every morning
Am praying to my father
Am singing halleluyah
Am shouting halleluyah
When he be like say
My matter don dey tay
I no go stop to praise you
Agunechemba Onyenememma
My father my father
Beginning and end the alpha and omega
Your name is Jehovah
Your name is Jehovah your praise is all over
Great and mighty God you’ll say
Great and mighty ni baba o
Oyigiyigi ni baba o
I will praise you oh Lord
Forever ever more


Verse 2
Thank you for your mercies
Thank you for your love
Lord I thank you for your kindness & grace
You love me like no other
Raise me like no other
What more can I say
Arugbo ojo eledumare oba mimo mimo oh
You said
The sun shall not smite me by day
Nor the moon by night
I will praise you oh Lord
Forever ever more

Ijo ya Ijo ya
Beremole ko mujo
Ijo ya Ijo ya
Everybody go down go down

Guitar man play
Guitar: Obrigado



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