Great God

Nathaniel Adeniyi

Added on : Oct 4, 2018

Great God – Nathaniel Adeniyi
Oct 4, 2018 I-solo
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Verse 1
I know a God who’s strong and mighty
my God will never fail
He’s an awesome redeemer, miracle worker
He’s God in every way
He’s Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Jireh
El-Shaddai You’re great
the great way maker, new life giver, the giver of grace

His name is Jesus
name so great than every other name
Jesus, awesome mighty
we give You all the praise
Your name is Jesus
sing, all hail the power of Your name
Lord You reign all through the age

Verse 2
He’s the maker, holder
sustainer, molder, pillar of my life
He is the one true God
who was and is and is to come
the healer, redeemer, teacher, messiah
saviour of the world
the author of salvation
He’s merciful in judgement, lover of my soul


Erujeje nla
God who i strong mile titi
gbomigbo kijikiji
oba nla
You no go let me fall
and YOu no go fail me at all
I put my trust in You for You are God
You are God You’re not a man
You wouldn’t fail at all
la la la la la la la

Jesus Jesus the power so mighty


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