Hello, Hello, Sister


Added on : Nov 23, 2019

Hello, Hello, Sister – JayMikee
Nov 23, 2019 Oluwarufus
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Hello Hello Sister,
I don’t know how to say this
But I will do my best to say
What is on my mind
I cannot deny it
But there’s something about you
That I cannot ignore
And it makes me want to know more
It is more than the beauty in your smile
It is more than the sparkle in your eyes
Like a fire deep inside you
Reaching for my spirit man
Now the joy and peace I feel inside
I can’t explain it
But it sounds like this

(e se oluwa, it is a melody,
It is a melody in my heart)
You brought a melody,
You brought a melody in my heart

Okay okay sister
You may not understand
What you’ve done to my own heart
Now that you’re my dream come true
This is so exciting
For so long I’ve been praying
And searching for the will of God
Now you’re finally here
You go above and beyond expectation
The love you have for God just blows my mind
You have shown me the true meaning
of why it pays to wait on God

Now the joy and peace I feel inside I can’t describe it
But it sounds like this
From the bottom of my heart I say thank you Lord
For giving a helper, a lover and a friend
She said yes to me because I first said yes to You
And today I have no regrets, no regrets
Because I gave my all to you Jesus
So you gave me something better, better
So forever I am grateful Lord


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