I love You Lord

Dr Tumi

Added on : Mar 27, 2018

I love You Lord – Dr Tumi
Mar 27, 2018 I-solo
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Verse 1
I know no other God like You
who laid down His life
to love a broken man like me
gave Your all
Lord my God my deliverer
and in whom I trust
i my distress I called on You
and You heard my cry

And I love You Lord I love You
cos’ You first loved me
You first loved me first loved me
and died on the cross
died on the cross on the cross
washed my sin away
You washed my sins washed my sins
and now I am free

Verse 2
My peace my everlasting joy
You’re my hiding place
my shelter on those rainy days
You’re my rock my strength
my saviour my provider
You’re my Lord and king
You are the lover of my soul
You’re my life my friend


Free from all bondage no longer a slave
took off the shackles now I’m free
I know no other love that could be greater
while I was yet a sinner Christ died for me
died for me



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