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Imela – Wonder-kind
May 28, 2020 Abimbola Tolulope
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(Verse 1)
For the things you dey do for my life God
For the love you dey
Show me o baba oh

You came into my life sanitize am
Everything that I need you supply
You came down to the earth
You took the cross all for me
You went down to grave
You won the victory for me now

I dey jojojoli and I go tell tell for you
I dey jojojoli and I go tell them all Of your love eh

(Chorus )
Mma mma imela
Eze m oh o
MMA MMA imela
Eze adali
MMA MMA imela
Eze m oh
Mma mma imela ah ah aha

(Verse 2)
Me I want to thank you thank you
You no dey live Me hanging
If no be for you for you
Some people want to fall me, almighty God, oh
I see your hand
I see your hand upon me

When nothing work I still dey play
I still dey flex walali
Mma Mma ekele
Yekilibre yekilibre oh na na
Mma Mma Ekele I still play

I still dey flex oh na nah
That’s why I dey give you praise
For the thing you’ve done oh na na
That why i dey give you thanks
For the things you’ve done yea eh eh


Favour shower upon me eh
Blessings blessings him dey give
Plenty blessings follow me
Plenty blessings I dey see

Plenty blessings him dey give ah ah eh eh

See him love his unfailing love
See his grace the sufficient grace

See him love his unfailing love
See his grace his enough grace
Yea eh eh


Mma Mma imela
Eze m ooh
Mma Mma Imela ah ah
Eze Adah

Mma Mma imela
Eye m ooh
Mma Mma imela


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