Isi Ikendu


Added on : May 3, 2019

Isi Ikendu – El-love
May 3, 2019 I-solo
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Isi Ikendu le
[The most strength of life]
Ebube dike n’agha
[The mighty warrior]
No man can challenge you
Isi Ikendu le
Odogwu kariri Odogwu o
[stronger than the strongest]
Sickness can’t challenge you
No no no no no
Isi Ikendu le
Okosisi n’enye ndu
[The strong tree that gives life]
Death cannot challenge you
Cos you’re the mountain melting God
[Isi Ikendu]
You’re the strong and terrible God
(Isi Ikendu]
All power belongs to you
[Isi Ikendu]
In Heaven and the Earth
You are the Isi Ikendu eh
[Isi Ikendu]
Ebube dike n’agha
No man can challenge you
No man can challenge you

Verse 1
You’ve got fire in your eyes
And thunder in your voice
You’ve got healing in your wings
There’s power in your name
You’re the God who seats in heaven and makes the earth his foot stool
hey hey hey
Sickness can’t challenge you
You died and went to the grave
You took the keys of death
Death cannot challenge you
You are God from beginning to the end
There’s no argument
No one can challenge
Way maker
light in my darkness
You are Igwe Igwe
That is who you are
eh eh eh

Verse 2
As far as heaven is far from the earth,
So mighty are your ways
When the enemies rise against us Jesus
In judgment you condemn
Thank you lord
Thank you Jesus
You decree a thing and no one can say no
You are powerful in your ways
Lord you are the most high God
You are the Isi Ikendu le
The God of Awesome Wonders
You are the God who’s Strong and mighty yea
You’re the pillar that holds my life
You’re the mighty man in battle
You are the way, you are the truth and you’re the life
You are Jesus my healer
You’re ma Jesus my defender
You are Isi Ikendeu
You’re the most high you’re my keeper
Come and do miracles
Come and set the captives free
Nothing can challenge you
Make the blind eye see
Isi Ikendu
Touch every life
We wait on you lord
We need your power
Let your glory fall
Let your power fall
Isi Ikendu eh


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