Jesus is calling


Added on : Oct 31, 2018

Jesus is calling – Alifted
Oct 31, 2018 I-solo
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Verse 1
Jesus is calling us to his table
To come and eat all we are able
He has prepared the food of salvation, food of redemption,
Food of Joy,

Jesus is calling you to his table
To come and eat all you are able
He is calling (2ce)
You and me to come and eat and be filled

This Joy that I have
This world did not give it to me
It’s Jesus that gave it for free
Now I’m a living light in his dwelling place
Filled with Joy and free from all bondage

In weakness Jesus gave me strength
In fondness he gave me a smile
In communion he made me a vessel
So, I can water rather than be watered
Now I am a strong branch in his planted vineyard
Thank You Jesus


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