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Light – Defayo feat. Jo Deep
Jan 13, 2021 Abimbola Tolulope
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Solo 1
I’ve got a light
That is greater than fear
And it dries up my tears
I’ve got a light
That reinforces my faith
And it keeps me in shape
I got a light
That illuminates my path
And it frees me from the mistakes of the past
(ooh yeah)
It keeps me in purpose
It’s giving me total delight

You got it
You shine the light
(You got the light)
You got it
You shine the light
(You shine the light)
You got it
You shine the light
Aye Leggo!

Solo 2 (Jo Deep)
“Prince of the night”
That used to be my name
Coloured in guilt and shame
Till I saw light
Woke me up from my sleep
Now He keeps me awake
I’m in the light
Not because of my works
I got this as a gift
I’ve got the light (ooh yeah)
I don’t keep it to myself
I give out this total delight

Let’s go!

Solo 3
You might have been weeping at evening
But joy comes in the morning
Life is full of challenges
But don’t be lost in your worries
I know you’ve been waiting for long
But do not be anxious for anything
Lift your head up
Let your faith talk
Scream “God over everything”
This is for you
This is for me
This is for everybody in the streets
No matter, whatever your pedigree
The word of God is able to redeem
Come on everybody who’s feeling weak
Come on to Jesus and have a relief
This is where fear ends
Lay it all down
Lay it all down now
This is where you start
Going all out
Going all out now
This is where it ends
Lay the weight down
This is where you start
Going all out
Fayayaya aye
We’re gonna shine
Uncle Jo!
Shine shine


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