Lord of all

Bright Egwu, Joy Bliss

Added on : Mar 1, 2022

Lord of all – Bright Egwu Ft. Joy Bliss
Mar 1, 2022 I-solo
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Verse 1
Holy in all of Your ways
Worthy of all the praise
Righteous is who You are
Jesus, Master
To your Name all knees will bow
Every tribe and tongue confess
Lord, no one can take your place
Jesus, Master

For to You no one compares
You are greater than all else

Lord of all
Lord of all there is

Verse 2
Redeemer, you bought me with a price
Reviver, you brought me back to life
Defender, you guide me with your eye
Jesus, Savior
Eternal, before the world began
Designer, You always had a plan
To love me like no one else can
Jesus, Savior

Reign in majesty
King of glory, God of all authority
To you alone will my praises be
Jesus, son of God
Crowned with Royalty
God Almighty, sovereign for eternity
To you alone will my praises be
Jesus, son of God
Lord of all


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