His Love

Adeshola, Worship Generation Choir

Added on : Nov 26, 2017

His Love – Adeshola Ft. Worship Generation Choir
Nov 26, 2017 I-solo
In Lyrics

Verse 1
I am blessed
I am loved
I am saved
All by your grace
I’m alive
And I’m glad
I will sing unto most high

Chukwu nma ra n ma
Odi onye di GA gi
Why you love me so
I’m grateful for your love…. 2ce

Verse 2
When I prayed
When I called
When I knocked
You opened up for me
You are Lord
You are God
You are great
And worthy of our praise..
Chorus.. 2ce

Halleluyah halleluyah halleluyah halleluyaaaaah
Blessed your holy name… Halleluyah
I thank you Lord… Halleluyah
You took away my pains.. Halleluyah
Glory to your name… Halleluyah

Chorus till fade..


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