Moriiye (I see Life)


Added on : May 10, 2017

Moriiye (I see Life) – Araleyi
May 10, 2017 Oluwarufus
In Lyrics

I’m so glad I am blest
That my father in heaven
Tells of his love to me
He has given wonderful things
This is to show that Jesus loves me I see

Wo/4 Wo o moriye
Wo o moranu gba o
Wo o morore ofe latodo baba
Eni to da mi

2. I’m happy, glad and free
Since the Lord has pardoned me
And by his blood has washed my sins away
I now can sing and shout
My sins are blotted out
Oh happy day that fixed my choice in Jesus

Repeat chorus

O se / ose
A dupe / a dupe
O mase / o mase o
Eledumare / Eledumare
Oba tiwa / Oba tiwa
Oba ti a / Oba ti a

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