Moya ka Jehova (Spirit of the Lord)

Jabu Hlongwane

Added on : Mar 3, 2018

Moya ka Jehova (Spirit of the Lord) – Jabu Hlongwane
Mar 3, 2018 Oluwasetemi
In Lyrics

Moya ka Jehova (Spirit of the Lord)
Moya we nyaniso (Spirit of Truth)
Nant’ ibandla lakho (Here’s your assembly)
Yehla phezu kwalo (Come down to it)

Lihole, lilonde, liwele phesheya
(Lead it, preserve it, help it to cross over)
Lihole, lilonde, lingene ekhaya
(Lead it, preserve it, until home)

(From the Top)

Alinaw’ amandla ibandla (The assembly does not have the power)
Lakho okuma ngokwalo (To stand before You)
Bamb’ isandla sa bantwana bakho (Hold the hands of Your children)
Hol’ indlela yabo (Guide them on their way)


Thina siye saba (We are afraid)
Uku hamba ungekho Baba (Of walking on our own, Father)
Thina siye saba Jehova (Lord we are afraid)
Uku nyathela ngaphandle kwakho (To take a step without You)

Woza Moya (Come Holy Spirit) x?
Moya (Spirit) x?

Refrain: Moya (Holy Spirit)
Thina siye saba Jehova, we Moya (Lord we are afraid, Spirit)
Ulithunzi lethu, Moya (You are our Shadow/Shelter, Spirit)
Siphephelo sethu, Moya (Our refuge, Spirit)
Moya (Holy Spirit)
Sizo qasha kuwe, Moya (Our help is You, Spirit)
Sizo qala kuwe, Moya (You are our beginning, Spirit)
Bamb’ isandla sethu, Moya (Hold our hand, Spirit)


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