Mungu Halisi (True God)

Paul Clement

Added on : Jun 12, 2018

Mungu Halisi (True God) – Paul Clement
Jun 12, 2018 Oluwasetemi
In Lyrics

Ajabu imo ndani yako (Wonderful things are to be found in You)
Matendo yako bahati (Your works are not due to luck)
Ni kamili, si hadithi (They are perfect, not tales)
Ukitenda umetenda Bwana (Lord, If You do You’ve done) (Repeat)

Matendo yako (The work of Your hands)
Yanatisha kama nini (Are terrifying)
Matendo yako (Your works)
Yanatetemesha (Cause trembling)

(From the top)

Bwana wewe si hadithi (Father You are not fiction)
Wewe si simulizi (You are not a story)
Bwana wewe ni kweli (Lord You are real)
U hai, u milele (You are alive, You are forever)
We si story za kale (You are not a tale of the past)
Za mababu wa kale (Stories from our forefathers)
Bwana wewe ni kweli (Lord You are truth)
U hai, u milele (You live, You are forever)

Bwana wewe ndiwe Mungu (Lord, You are God)
Huhitaji matangazo wakujue (You do not need announcements to be known)
Matendo yako yanajieleza (Your work speak for You)
Kuwa wewe ni kweli (That You are Truth)(Repeat)

Response: Ni kweli (It is the truth)
Kwamba nguvu zako (That Your might)
Zinajieleza (Speak for itself) x2
Kwamba matendo yako (That Your works)
Yanajieleza siku hadi siku (Speaks for itself day after day)
Yanajieleza kwenye maisha yetu (Speaks in our life)
Yanajieleza kwenye uponyaji wetu (Speaks in our healing)
Yanajieleza Kwenye kuinuliwa (Speaks in our lifting up)


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