My desire

Adeola Oluwole

Added on : Jul 21, 2019

My desire – Adeola Oluwole
Jul 21, 2019 I-solo
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Verse 1:
Each day I think
Thinking about where I ought to be
It feels like a thousand miles away
I feel the pain, far more than the gain
I hope I don’t, end up in disdain

Oh God, please hold me strong
So that I’ll stand where I belong
Let my heart be fixed on you
So the world may know that I have you

Verse 2:
I know your ways
Are far more than my ways
I hope I don’t, walk out of your plans

Lord I know, that you have
So much in store for me
In my heart, I do pray
That I don’t give up

I do believe, strongly in you yeah
You’ll fight my battles
And give me victory yeah
I’ll wear the garment
And crown of glory
You make shine
Just like the stars


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