Obuliwom elu

Dr. Paul, Kwin

Added on : Sep 6, 2019

Obuliwom elu – Dr. Paul Ft. Kwin
Sep 6, 2019 I-solo
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Jesus you are worthy of our praise Daddy Baba
You are worthy of our praise Amen.

You are worthy of my praise daddy Baba you are worthy of my praise Amen.

Obuliwom elu 4x
Agam aja ya nma we kuwara ya aka.
Choir repeat

Sometime ago, I no know what to do
I no know where to go, my life don roti…
I come dey think am na wetin I go do
Na wetin i go say, na who go be my saviour.

I see this man o, eh say in be Jesus
Eh telli me my boy o, take my hand dey go
I come dey follow am, waka we dey go
I dey waka I dey follow am everywhere he go

Today today o, testimony don dey
See me see my life o, my laifu don better.

Jesus you are worthy of my praise daddy
Baba, you are worthy of my praise Amen 2x

Obuliwom elu , obuliwom elu
Obuliwom elu, obuliwom elu
Agam ajaya nma, we kuwara ya aka.(2x)

Oke miri dinuzo, aha gi bu Jisos
(The great river by the road, your name is Jesus)
Otu idi na mbu, otua ki ga digide
(As you were from the beginning, so shall you be evermore)
Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Nissi
You are the peace o, the banner over me.
Ide nke ji mba (the pillar that holds the city), your river never dries
I salute you my God o, come and take your place


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