Ore Sinmi

Esther Oladeji

Added on : Apr 4, 2019

Ore Sinmi – Esther Oladeji
Apr 4, 2019 Oluwarufus
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Have you ever wondered why
Sometimes it’s dark in the morning
Did you ever stop to ask
Why rain pours during sunshine
To ba se ojo lo ye o ro yio ro
To ba so oorun lo ye o mu yio ran
Que Sera Sera
Ohun to ye o se yio se o
Ore sinmi arokan
Kekun asunndaa
Ma baa mu o leru

Repeat Chorus

Ye o ye o sinmi arokan
Kekun asunundaa
Ma baa mu o leru
Iwo arewa mama burewa
Tori Ekun asunundaa
Iwo ologbon ma ma domugo
Tori Ekun asunundaa
You need some rain
To keep your green land green
A sunshine to keep your path dry and clear
Life moves with happy and tears
Yeah e yeah e yeah e yeah
O ba sinmi arokan ooo
Kekun asunndaa
MA ba mu O leru

Repeat Chorus

Smile would look good on you
When you put it on as a wear
Happiness comes with tears
Choose happy and live
O ba sinmi arokan
Kekun asunndaa ko ma ba so o deru
Ore sinmi ooo ye Kekun asunndaa ba so o deru


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