Reign on High

Dorcas Uwague

Added on : Aug 16, 2016

Reign on High – Dorcas Uwa
Aug 16, 2016 Oluwarufus
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Verse 1:
You reign supreme
Everlasting God
You gather the waters of the sea
Together as a heap
You lay up the depths
By your words were the heavens made
For your word is right
And all your words are done in truth

Oh oh oh oh oh ×4
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Lord You reign on high(2 times)

Verse 2:
You are on high
And You’re mightier than the noise of many waters
You’re merciful and gracious
Slow to anger and plentious in mercy
Lord, You’re my shield and my fortress
Every single day, Your faithfulness is ever sure

Repeat Chorus

When there’s a casting down
I will be lifted up
Cause, You are on high

Repeat Chorus

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