SINGING: Myths Vs Facts Part 2

Let's demystify the atmosphere of music myths

SINGING: Myths Vs Facts 2
Nov 1, 2015 Gbade Adetisola
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I’m presuming you’ve read the part 1 of this article, if you haven’t, do so by clicking this link before you continue

  1. There’s no good music again only jargons are left.
    FALSE; Well, you have been out of touch. If you joined the same wagon you’ll be one to continue the jargons.
  2. You can’t sell hits, make good money or be famous if you’re not illuminati
    FALSE; “See a man skilled in his business he will serve before kings he will not serve men of lower ranks” Proverbs 22:29 (NKJV Bible)
  3. If you can’t play a musical instrument you can’t write a great song.
    FALSE; There are thousands of successful songwriters in the world who can’t sing or play any instrument, playing is only an added advantage
  4. Singing is common talent you don’t need a vocal coach to excel.
    NOT SURE;  But like they say “Any publicity is better than no publicity“. You cannot underestimate the worth of a vocal coach, even touring artists have some.
    If you have to drop out, drop out to earn a certificate in your new field of interest Click to Tweet
  5. Music schools are a waste of time, you can learn everything at home by watching youtube and getting materials.
    FALSE; Nothing can be compared to a formal education, if your music knowledge was 100% before education it doubles after. Apart from that you cannot ask questions on YouTube.
  6. Drop out of school, start a singing career, making money is the most important
    NOT SURE; What works for James might not necessarily work for John. But if you have to drop out, drop out to earn a certificate in your new field of interest.
  7. Musicians always end up broke
    NOT SURE; Many musicians died broke but they all had similar stories, drug, substance abuse, girls, larger-than-life lifestyle, “wastefulness”. So the choice is yours.
  8. Classical Music is dead!
    FALSE; Classical music has always been a non-popular genre especially among young people, it doesn’t mean it’s dead. It’s vibrant in Europe and a lot of people are actually rediscovering and reinventing the form.

Let me stop right here and give you a one phrase answer; none of the above is True.

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