SINGING: Myths Vs Facts Part 1

Let's demystify the atmosphere of music myths

SINGING: Myths Vs Facts 1
Oct 31, 2015 Gbade Adetisola
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You’ve probably heard someone say if you swallow a whole banana your voice will improve. He he he! Have you ever tried something that crazy? If you haven’t or if you have, let’s demystify the atmosphere of those music myths:

  1. You must be born with a good voice to be a singer
    FALSE; Having a singing talent is an advantage but singing can be learnt
  2. You can’t sing while you’re pregnant
    NOT SURE; Singing can be done in pregnancy just like talking except if there is any serious health related issue. But rigorous exercises should be avoided
  3. Smoking weed will make your voice deeper
    TRUE; Those who smoke weed can actually develop a deeper voice but it’s a damage, which can affect the brain in the long run but the vocal damage could sometimes be reversible as in the Elton John’s case
  4. The voice changes with age
    TRUE; Yes, the voice changes with age, at first it actually gets better with age, but in old age it gets worse especially if there’s an health challenge.
    Voice training is achieved through rigorous exercises, daily vocal warm-ups, regular singing etc Click to Tweet
  5. Drinking will make you perform better on stage
    FALSE; You can’t give what you don’t have, drinking will only accentuate what you have. If you are into drug and drinks dependent you will soon lose your credibility due to uncontrolled behaviours and eventually lose your career.
  6. If you lose your voice lick a lots of lozenges
    NOT SURE; Voice loss is an effect of irritation on your vocal cords, only a good rest can take it away.
  7. To train the voice swallow a whole banana, drink raw egg, chew okro, drink hot water.
    FALSE; Voice training is achieved through; rigorous exercises, daily vocal warm-ups, regular singing, lots of lubrication (water) and a balanced diet.

Let me pause right here as you look forward to part 2

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