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Added on : Oct 24, 2016

Super – Olukemi Funke
Oct 24, 2016 Oluwarufus
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Verse 1
Turned water into wine
Caused the dead to rise
Opened blind men eyes
Calmed the mighty storm
You will never fail
Nothing is hard for You
You’ll remain the same

We proclaim that you are more than, You are more than, You are more than

You are more than
Super /10x
More than super
Super /10x

Verse 2
At the mention of your name
Every knee will bow
Every tongue confess that Jesus
You are Lord
When we call your name
Demons have to flee
Sicknesses are healed

We exclaim that you are more than, you are more, you are more than
You are more than Super
Super x 10 times
More than super
Super -x10 times

Call: We are saved
Response: We are saved

Call: by Your grace
Response: by Your grace

Call: We will praise
Response: we will praise
Almighty Father we will praise You

Call: We are covered
Response: We are covered

Call: By Your blood
Response: By Your blood

Call: We will lift
Response: we will lift
Almighty father we will lift You

Repeat Chorus

You are the One
That sustains the universe with your mighty hand
You are unsearchable
All powerful
You are the same yesterday today, forever
You are Incomprehensible
Fearful in praises
You rise upon the storm
You move the mountain
By Your power

Repeat Chorus

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