Thank You


Added on : Dec 18, 2020

Thank You – Yinda
Dec 18, 2020 Abimbola Tolulope
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For the Lord is good
And His mercies endureth forever
My people from the North, from the East, from the West and from the South
Let’s come together
To praise the Lord

Call: I no go tire to praise You
Response: I no go tire to praise You
Call: Lai lai lai lai o
Response: I go dey praise You everyday
I no go tire to praise You Lord
For the good good things, You have done in my life

Na long time ago o
Wey You dey bless my life o
Wey devil try to stop me
from praising my Lord Jesus
But You no support the devil
make he see chance hinder me ee
So na wetin I go give You
Nothing else than to praise You, Lord
Make we come together
Let’s give praise to my God

I no go tire to praise You, Lord
For the good good things, You dey do
You dey bless me
You dey promote my life
Bless my family all around

Okaka kere uwa Nile
(The God who created the whole world)
Eze nara ekele mjiri bia o
(Lord receive my praise)
Chi we ndu mo
(The owner of my life)
Gi we aku na uba
(The owner of all wealth and treasures)
Otu osi so gi
(As it pleases You)
Me rem me
(Do to me)

Ebube dike
(Strong and mighty One)
Odogwu naha
(Mighty Man in battle)
Onye na enye wa
(The Giver of children)
Onye na enye ego
(The Giver of wealth)
Aka na ewgo oria
(The healing hand)

Thank You

Amen Alleluyah
Amen Alleluyah Amen


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