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Uwese – Yinda ft. Praise General
Nov 30, 2020 Abimbola Tolulope
In Lyrics

My God my King o
I salute You oo
For all the good things
You have done for me o
You deliver me, Lord
You change my story
From nothing to something
I have come to say uwese

Degi mo we fu n ee(if I have wings)
Wenekome ye(I will fly to heaven)
Igha ri le ra gosa lera oo(to thank God)
Igha ponmese lo wu me(for the good things He’s done for me)

Osame lerame (my God my Father)
We opa we se noigbokan o (Giver of good things)
Okutete bite no kwa we do(The Rock of Ages)
Osa me uwese(Thank You my God)
Osame lerame(my God my Father)
Obuyi obutohan no(God of honour, God of mercy)
Okute tebite no kwa we kin(The Rock of Ages)
Osame uwese oo(Thank You my God)

Rock of Ages, I praise Your name
You restore my joy of salvation oo
You are the covenant-keeping God
For this, I praise Your name
Afuni ma si regun (Unrepentant Giver)
Opomulero Eledumare (Pillar, Creator)
Atobajaye Olorun Iyanu (Miracle working God)
Ese o baba (Thank You Father)

Emo ata oo(of a truth)
Emo ata o (of a truth)
Emo ata oo(of a truth)
Jesu yemere(Jesus remember me)


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