This Year

Ada Ehi, Ringtone Apoko

Added on : Mar 28, 2018

This Year – Ringtone Apoko ft. Ada Ehi
Mar 28, 2018 Oluwasetemi
In Lyrics

Naona this year eeh, nitabarikiwa
(I foresee that this year I will be blessed)
Naona this year aah, wewe utashinda
(I foresee that this year, you shall win)

Kama chakula we pakua hadi sahani ijae
(If food, serve your plate until it is full)
Kama ni party we furahia na ushukuru Mungu
(If it is a party, enjoy it and give thanks to God)
Kuna time ya kucheka, kuna time ya kulia
(There is a time to laugh, and a time to weep)
Kuna time ya kucheza hata kama hauna pesa
(There is a time to dance even if you do not have money)

Refrain 2:
Hakuna haja ya kuworry wakati ni wako
(There is no need to worry, the time is yours)
Hakuna haja ya kuworry time yako imefika
(There is no need to worry, your time has come) (Repeat)


Testimony season, my year of praise
I enter with thanksgiving, yes this is my year
Naona na milango imefunguliwa (I see doors opening)
Naona naona na, mambo yachenjanga
(I see things succeeding(?))

(Refrain 2)


My mind is so clear that this is your year
Ya kupata everything, vitu poa si anything
Time .?. baraka zako zinaflow (Your blessings flowing)
Waliokucheka everyday, wakacheck all your (?)
(Those who laughed at you every day, will witness all your .?.)
This is your time, this is your year
Don’t fear, just go x2

Testimony follow you, plenty for your body o
E plenty, plenty o, see what the Lord (Repeat)

(Refrain 2)



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