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Turn – Janess
Jul 1, 2019 I-solo
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Janess on this hit ooo
Baba turn up

Turn me around3*
Let your presence fall

Come and see o
My Papa do am for me o
I go praise you dey go
As you dey sele for here o
Come and see o
My Papa do am for me o
I go praise you dey go as you dey sele
Almighty God you’re the great I am
Pour out your spirit here
Baba rain on us
Baba pour on us… your power..

Repeat chorus

Verse 1
I free myself to you oh Lord
Do me as you like ooo
Turn me around Chang my Life
Make everything new
AguneChemba 1
Papa wusam anointing
Dady wusam anointing
Papa wusam anointing ehh

Repeat chorus.

Verse 2
As we call on you
Make we see your Mighty power
As we lift our voice
Make you take all of the glory
In your name I know I can move every mountain
So show yourself
And make your presence known
Repeat chorus .
Bring your power
Bring your fire
Release your glory Lord
We worship your majesty
We bow at your feet oh lord release your power..


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