Turning Around

Sir Danny

Added on : May 16, 2017

Turning Around – Sir Danny
May 16, 2017 Oluwarufus
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Turning Around….3x
Turning Around…..3x
Everything is (turning around.. 3x)
Turning Around… 3x
For your grace is sufficient for me…

Free me to talk about my papa
From my right to my left, in my front at my back
He the work, He the do many many many wonders
Okorobia ekeledirigi
Onyemechi, who knows tomorrow
Agidigba is who you are Lord
You Don butter my bread, sugar my tea
Kuli kuli turn suya
Shawama turn Gari
Chai see as I dey dancelele because of the way you Don turn me Oga
I dey hail oooo, I salute oooo
Words cannot explain how good you are to me
Everything is Turning Around…

I have searched all round the world
To see if I could find someone like you… (no one, no one)
Na you give me when I no get, come scatter my table with blessings
Onyenemema lekwiekperem Nala ooo (Chineke idinma)
You Don answer my prayers2x
See my padi them the (come celebrate with me2x)
(Because of the things weh you do)
Omemma ehhhhh
Words cannot explain how good you are to me
Everything is turning Around….

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