Uka (Come)

Eunice Njeri

Added on : Dec 18, 2017

Uka (Come) – Eunice Njeri
Dec 18, 2017 Oluwasetemi
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I could never, ever have enough of You
And Jesus You are more than enough for me
I’m waiting on You today
I’m waiting on You today

Uka uka, uka uka, uka uka (Come, Come) – in Kikuyu
We wait on You

Milele mimi sitatosheka bila wewe (Forever I will not be satisfied without You)
Maana wewe u zaidi ya tosha kwangu mimi (For You are more than satisfaction to me)
Nakungojea leo, nakungojea leo (I wait for You today)


Like a river, flow, just flow
Like the rain, just pour out, pour out
Like the wind, just blow, blow
Like a fire, burn

Oh, oh, oh, we wait on You (Repeat)


Uka uka, uka uka, uka uka (Come, come)
Uka jeso, gwetereire (Come Jesus, we wait for you)


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