Neyi Zimu

Added on : Apr 13, 2018

Victorious – Neyi Zimu
Apr 13, 2018 Oluwasetemi
In Lyrics

The shame of defeat; battles never won
About to throw in the towel – my enemies seem too great
I knew where I was, and yet still I was lost
Confused, oppressed, depressed, and hoping death
Will free me from my pain

You came in right on time
And found me in my pain
You called me by my name – and gave me hope again
And now I’m a winner, You gave me victory
I’m more than a conqueror, and that is who I am

Oh oh oh…
I am victorious, in Your Presence
Oh oh oh…
I am victorious, in Your Presence

No more defeat, only victory
I’m no longer lost, and I know whose I am
The devil is away, and so is every foe
They could never stand against it
Jesus is on my side and I say!



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