Wonder God

Sonnie Badu

Added on : Jun 25, 2014

Wonder God – Sonnie Badu
Jun 25, 2014 Oluwarufus

Papa /Daddy O, wetin na don’t do? (What can’t you do?)
You bless me, my life you make better
Oh what shall I render, unto the Lord?
For all the good things you have done for me (Repeat)

The things that you go do for me, nobody can do
The miracles up in my way, you [?]
Eledumare, [Creator of the universe] nothing compares to you
Kabiye osi [Almighty God], you’re a wonder in my life

I’ve never seen this kind God before
(Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder)

Jesus (Nawa o, nawa ya o) [I’m amazed] x5

(Verse 2)

Oh Eledumare [Creator of the universe]
Oh Ta lo dabi re? [Who is like you?]
Ahh Washuba rerewo [?]
Kabiye osi [Almighty God] (Baba) (x?)

(Verse 2)


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