Baba O

Dr Paul ft. Preye Orok

Added on : Jul 4, 2018

Baba O – Dr Paul ft. Preye Orok
Jul 4, 2018 I_solo
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Verse 1
Oh glory glory to Your Name
For You have been my rock and shield
Lord You have been my friend in need
And You have been my Lord indeed
So now I kneel before Your throne
Before Your altar I am known
I just want to say, Baba o, ese.

Baba o…You changed my life today
Baba o..I give You all my praise
Baba o..I give You all my worship.
For You turned my life around today.

Verse 2
Lord I stand before Your throne
In adoration I bow
Lord Your mercy and Your favour
Surround me like a shield
How can I repay
All the help You gave me
I just want say, Baba ese.


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