Beyond the Norm

Evans Ogboi

Added on : Jan 12, 2018

Beyond the Norm – Evans Ogboi ft. Living Faith Connection Choir
Jan 12, 2018 Oluwasetemi
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I am the head, and not the tail
More than a conqueror, that’s who I am
I shall arise and I’ll shine
For the Glory of the Lord

Beyond the norm; beyond my fears
Beyond the natural, I will excel
I’m soaring high beyond the sky
By the power of the Lord!
Beyond the limits, beyond the norm
Beyond the ordinary – we overcome!
If God be for us, who can stand against us?
We have the victory through Christ the Lord!

I am blessed and not cursed
I might be broken, but I’m healing
Still alive, satisfied
I’m pressing on toward the price


Greater is He that is in me
Than he that is in the world
I can do, I can do all things
Beyond the norm x6 ….

I’m taking it higher, higher and higher
Higher and higher, higher and higher!


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