Come Through

2winny kings, DJ Flame, EVO

Added on : Nov 25, 2019

Come Through – 2Winny Kings Ft. DJ Flame X EVO
Nov 25, 2019 I-solo
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Son of John
DJ Flames
2winny kings

Verse 1
See we remember
Back in the days, we remember
Thinking about our whole life
Thinking about how we started (started)

We started with big dreams
Now dreams turning reality
We never ever gave up
Make we no lie, the journey hasn’t been easy (easy)

Now we know oo
That through the storm and the rain
Even in tears and in pain
That God will always come through
For Us
Come through
For Us

Verse 2
Your grace (x3)
Is all that we see
Your love (x3)
Is all that we feel

You give us joy deep inside
And Peace that we cannot deny
When the whole world said we couldn’t do it
You stepped in and put your grace on it


Verse 3 [Evo]
I Put the money in a verse
I put the body in the course
My friends took reverse
My other buddies took a curve
When I had no where to turn
My God told me to look him up
Trying to be straight, I told him I was tired of giving up
He told “You was never tired, why you always acting up?”
Pull your self together, why don’t you just drink up from a cup
I’m always there, I’m so near
You better know who got you here
Be calm and be patient
Don’t let nobody tell you different

I will always come through when you needing me
I been always with you from the beginning
Why are you confused,
You mean a lot to me
I just wanna see you just believe in me



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