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Hygiene – Pompi
Jul 3, 2018 Oluwasetemi
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verse 1

i am feeling fly something like peter pan yeah
you see the guy looking fresher than a sunday
let me tell you that the reason that i am smiling
while they are busy whiling out
because i got a treasure
that cannot be measured with a ruler
never, you can even ask your local jeweller
they gonna understand it when they get a new medulla
just purchased one


so fresh, so clean
check the hygiene
so fresh, so clean
check the hygiene
never move with my swag on e
got a fresh mind and a brand new t
restored, brand new me
and full of joy, how we be

verse 2

i remember when my mediocrity was evident
now i am walking like a president
talked about by many men
saying is he a believer
gossip going round like a fever, fever, fever
he is an achiever
but isn’t he really here to deceive us ceive us ceive us
but, i aint got time to waste
jesus in those days
was seen by pharisee’s
to be the enemy
but i know i love the lord
the keeper of my soul
gave me a brand new look
and a crown to match


i know you see them on the video video
looking so fresh on the video
but tell me whats fresher than being born again
yes u got dirt but grace cover sin
god don’t see you he sees the lamb called jesus
and through his name he cleans us
never ever walking with your swag on e coss
aint no better man really got a better swag than he does



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