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Packaging – Pompi
May 22, 2018 Oluwasetemi
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Verse 1

baoneseko meno baoneseko meno
smile and wave
its lights camera action
mwine film ndine i am the icon
ni basila ku oneka fresh
allergic to messy
motoka ni mbama, no body test me
but pene nense neka
had a conviction planted by the maker
saying you faker
there is only one truth
you can use to navigate you way and produce fruit
content with accessorising
and pleasing these human eyes when
their hearts are so full of lies and
don’t value what is inside

nzelu nimu packaging (x2)
ufaka nzelu mu packaging
nzelu nimu packaging
but show me whats in your heart
show me
show me whats in your soul
show me

Verse 2

uka valika imbwa mu trousers
bushe inkala muntu
olo aliense ali na nzelu
aka kamba chisungu
uka faka salt pa manure
bushe inkala ndiyo
ngati uli na dread ninshi ubema chamba
judge when they see you
uka nkala na ring na line up
bushe ni chikwati
chene china yamba na ma sweetytytytytytyty
hello sheet heart ku party
ati ku church
ni kwa bantu bene balibe chimo
we all filthy rags and through grace christ is our hero


amai bana kamba
hear the wisdom of the old
not everything that glitters is gold
kunse bana samba
empty vessels with no souls
faking their confidence with a cosmetic glow
it’s a masquerade party
nothing is what is seems to be
its another day in a system
satisfied with the status quo you see
you are unique
osa yesa iwe osa yesa iwe
coss i see you falling into that trap



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