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Kakambidwe – Pompi
Apr 18, 2018 Oluwasetemi
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verse 1
hey girl how you doing
can you spare me your ear
i got a word or two for you
make it three verses i know you got lots to do
but, before naku ona na nunsha chusi
kansi ndiwe ushoka munzi
pene upita chifukwa kumwamba una yambilo sanka ma tupi
no flaws
drop jaws
hoping you don’t expect me to shut my mouth
ndine wa ulemu so if you aint feeling my steeze
speak your pretty mind on your word i’ll bounce
its cool
sinifuno panga drama
but mu mutu ningo chaya ma back sama
but no gotta maintain the swagga
anagani onelemo and i got to have her


monga nyimbo
buga siyo esa unga tyole lino
very simple
slow motion monga a vinila instrumental
na ka mfungo
and she be a fine girl no pimple
i wonder, are you single
cos you have been a really strong stain in my mental

verse 2

ukaziba, kaka seka kaku sekesa
kaka vina kaku vinisa
sika beepa kaku tumila
kaka pika kaku inisa
niko tekanya kwati nyimbo ya chika
attitude chrisp not packet ya simba
denies many applications to be with her
you got a better chance getting american visas
you gotta be a man with a plan
i am a man with a plan
gonna try coss i can
bansake benso ponta
their loss hah
kariba no offer
i don’t give a dam
coss she got a mind of her own
and the eye for a winner coss she made for a throne
who knew, she set an example for a generation
a first class chick from a third world nation

verse 3

ndiwe oyipa mpaka bonzo
bad to the bone
kupalana na rachel like you a clone
bad for born again and delivered
stain to the brain and a pain for the liver
too sweet
don’t mind the pain is forgiven
the gain is terrific
the choice is a gimick
on any given day i wouldn’t miss it
i wouldn’t mind my name by your mrs
finally i think i won the lottery
my dis-ease got eased by a walking pharmacy
you got the key to my heart occupy it entirely
coss the wisdom of your words empower the god in me see
you never started by knowing my salary
from the bottom of the wiring of my autonomy
i think i falling, but no body grab a hold of me
coss i am landing on love



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