‪MUSIC‬ MENTORING: Introduction
Oct 1, 2015 Gbade Adetisola
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Music is an Art and those who make music are called Artists or Artistes. Art is an expression of inner feelings, art works are beautiful, sometimes abstract you don’t even understand but it’s still beautiful, art works are kept and are valuable, a piece of art is made not to impress but express skillfully crafted shapes, colours and textures in various dimensions.

Real artists create the trend, not the ones that follow a dumb trend created by noise makers Click to Tweet

Music is an art, it is personal before it becomes commercial, it is not meant to be controlled by “what people want to hear” or the trend. Real artists are the ones that create the trend, not the ones that follow a dumb trend created by noise makers; music that only lasts 2 weeks on the so called trend, music that mimics other mimics, copy-paste-edit music, music that lacks intelligent lyrics, sweet melody, fantastic chord progressions, real grooves, music that cannot be glaced or archived, music that is produced at the speed of light, music that is deleted after 3plays. That is not Art. That is not what you want your children to know as music. That is not what you want to be remembered for as an Artist. So, I guess it’s high time we go back to making Evergreens!


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