Lord You Reign

Preye Orok

Added on : Jul 14, 2018

Lord You Reign – Preye Orok
Jul 14, 2018 Oluwarufus
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Onye na-eme mma (He that does good)
Onye na-abia ọzọr (He who is coming back again)
Ịsị ịkendụ mo (the owner of my life)
Ome mma le (the doer of good)

Made a way where there was no way
You made a way for me
Opened all doors for me

Lord forever reign in me
You covered me with your blood
You showered with your love
Enveloped me with your grace
I’m surrounded by your favour
Morning, noon and night

I’m wrapped in your arms
Okosisi dike na-agaha (Mighty man in battle)
Forever reign in me
Ome mma le (the doer of good)

Lord you reign
You reign in my life
Today come and reign
Forever reign, reign in me


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