Gaint Killer


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Gaint Killer – Pompi
Mar 25, 2018 Oluwasetemi
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they’ve got to understand the anointing

#verse 1#

cool calm collected standing in front of a charging army
oh yes i recon 007 got nothing on me
full armour not like osama
or shaka zulu with his sangoma
with christ alone i always stand taller
lelo goliath wala pona
but zoona suzi konda iwe
pali konse ko sanka ndeo unga sanke ine
i be like oh really
cant even get near me
same same na john cena you cant see me
line quite cheezy
but the point still remains tho
nizakupasa dindo si futika monga penso
or pensulo, however you pronounce it
destiny really set but me no need to announce it

i am a giant killer
i am a giant killer
small axe i will chop you down
part the sea when they try they’re drowning
i am a giant killer (x4)

#verse 2#
iwe manta
osani pasa zina yako nakana
elo umuuze munsako mabvuto na ignorance that nabo ba chepa sana
how dare you, come to my property
and offer me a deal yoni gonga
colonise my body with your skill awe nomba
to that i say no sir
i want it all, sini gulisa copper ya kosa
not for sale and not for hire
who can trade life for internal fire
my god is truth, the devil is a liar
made me think that i can only worship in the choir
i will say this only once
lift your white flag while you still got the chance
before i pull out the big guns
filled with the daily bread i had for lunch


#verse 3#
i want to build his empire
i want to build his empire pire
i want to build his empire
i want to build his empire pire
i want to build his empire
i want to build his empire
i wanna said i wanna
said i wanna i wanna build his empire


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