Over & Over

Chika C, Matt.O

Added on : Jan 29, 2020

Over & Over – Chika C Ft. Matt.O
Jan 29, 2020 I-solo
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Verse 1.
Like a prodigal child I’ve come back to you Lord
I ask for your grace to help me stand right with you oh God
I don’t wanna go on without you
I need to be on fire for you
More than I can explain
Your touch is all I need

I need you over and over again

Verse 2.
Lord with ur sacred blood
You paid the price
Yet I was not satisfied
I went to other places
Seeking for solution
But it all turned out frustration
Now I know I’ve gone astray
And that I’ve wandered far away
Please forgive me
I wanna do the things you say I should do
And never to miss the way anymore
I’ve wronged you Lord
And I’m sorry Lord
Bring me back and I’m gon stay
Stay with you
Never lemme go away from you God

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Duet (Over & Over again)


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