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Testimony – Pompi
Mar 26, 2018 Oluwasetemi
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aliense alina weakness
anybody objects or can i get a weakness
and if god used perfect people nothing would be done
the only perfect man ever was his begotten son
there aint no sacrifice you can make
that can replace one jesus made
forget your sweat your blood your tears
they’re too dirty
most of church foke make that mistake
living their life just saving face
filled with gossip where’s the grace
we are all not worthy

if you thinking that i am perfect
then i guess you don’t know me
let me tell you there is power
in the places you are weak
coss then the people will see
and give our god the glory
coss when he is done and complete
you will be a testimony

verse 2
abraham ense na manta
mukasi wake ati uyu ni sister
david kuzompola mukasi wamunsake
koss he couldn’t resist her
moses what a temper
killed an Egyptian and he fled what a sinner
but still god chose him, told him
that out of you i will make a winner
don’t you forget that god is the best teacher
and he is going to bring you back
from the arms of a life stealer
for his glory, he uses the frail and weaker
with the fears of Gideon and makes them a giant killer


verse 3
if you could listen to the cries of the people
minds dripping and their spirits become so cold
help me please Jesus please
i just want to feel the feeling of you next to me
so why oh why oh why they lie
like it is so impossible to change my life
they cannot take me for a fool
i give all unto you
coss only you can make my life brand new


walkdown (x2)
come on here the father needs you (x2)
coss he really wants to use your history
come on here the father needs you (x2)
despite the way that people want to see you
coss he really wants to use your history
come on here the father needs you


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